WTF!?! Game of the Week! “Barf and Beer”

Posted on 31. May, 2009 by Brandon "Assassin" Brunstad in Videos, WTF!?! Game of the week

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This weeks WTF!?! Game of the Week (This week brought to you in HD quality awesomeness!) is yet another XBLA XNA community game Barf and Beer! I’m telling you there is a gold mine of these games there. Anyways so your supposed to out drink your opponent and try not to puke. The first round I couldn’t figure out wtf was going on so I lost. I could easily see this game being a fun drinking game, on a Friday night, while getting hammered with friends. Forget quarters! Turn on Barf and Beer! So there you have it this weeks WTF!?! Game of the week!


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