WTF!?! Game of the Week! “The Exterminater”

Posted on 31. May, 2009 by Brandon "Assassin" Brunstad in Videos, WTF!?! Game of the week

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This week’s WTF!?! Game of the Week is The Exterminater, a game (if you really want to call it that) made by Stoner Studio. Yes, Stoner Studio where I’m pretty sure they don’t answer emails anytime before 1 in the afternoon. So the point of the game is to kill flies, not the lady bugs because they are awesome, which I finally realized later on, guess I should have read the instructions first. So, yeah, that would be the gameplay… There is no music in the game just the sound of your fly swatter smacking bugs. I really don’t know what else to say about this so called game besides WTF!?! You can definitely tell by the credits Benjamin did all the work although you have the critasizer Sam, who uh criticized, duh! Then you have Dan who apparently didn’t do shit and probably smoked all their stash. (damn freeloaders) So anyways, there you have it this weeks WTF!?! Game of the Week!


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