WTF!?! Game of the Week “Time Flows But Does Not Return”

Posted on 31. May, 2009 by Brandon "Assassin" Brunstad in Videos, WTF!?! Game of the week

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Yes I dug into the Xbox Live Community games yet again, I’m not quite done picking on these guys yet. This week’s WTF!?! Game of the Week is: Time Flows But Does Not Return, a very fitting title especially since, after I got done playing it I’ll never get my lost time back, or be able to erase it from my memory for that matter. This is a game that doesn’t want to tell you how to play it; it wants you to figure that out on your own. You won’t know that if you dive right into the game and start playing either, you actually have to go and read the damn creators notes at the start screen if you want to figure anything out. Even then you have to read five pages of text to get anything out of it. Anyways, after pressing buttons over and over trying to figure out wtf I was doing I said screw it and quit. I then went to the start screen and read the creators notes to see if there was maybe a haha got your stupid ass note or something in there. So, apparently you’re supposed to get to these little colors and press different buttons. I think its supposed to be like Simon says, only if Simon was an asshole that didn’t want to tell you how to play and made his game, with graphics just a step up from the Odyssey 100. So there you have it, this week’s wtf!?! game of the week!


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