Catch Up With Duke – 2K Games Developer Diaries

Posted on 17. May, 2011 by Drew 'Viggo' Bergmark in Developer Diaries, Videos

Before Duke Nukem: Forever comes out in stores on June 14th, 2K Games is releasing a series called “Duke Nukem Forever: History of A Legend”. For those gamers my age 22, you grew up hearing about a game coming out called Duke Nukem: Forever. After seeing multiple versions through EGM and Extended Play, we are finally going to get a chance to own the game that has been 13 years in the making! During this historical telling of the history of the most bad-ass franchise in the video game industry, those who have worked on the franchise from day one to now will be interviewed making the development cycle of the games seem to come to life.

During the first dev-diary, Duke’s first days are talked about. In the second, Duke Nukem 3D’s development is talked about and the introduction to Duke’s true voice is revealed. I won’t go into detail with either video, but enjoy them both. Enjoy them and look for the game to hit store shelves in less than a month!


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