Bill S.978 & What It Means for Video Game Media Online

Posted on 07. Jul, 2011 by Drew 'Viggo' Bergmark in Gameplay, Political Issues, Trailers

I’m not the best person to explain what Bill S.978 means for video game media online, but I think that davidr64yt might be a good person to at least lean your ear in his direction for what he has to say on the matter. In his video, he explains what the bill means for all copy-written material and how video content distribution websites or organizations will be impacted if the bill is to be passed according to how it is currently written.

To inform your local officials to ask for a change within the bill, click here and an email will be sent after you give a few details about you. If this bill is passed in it’s current state, businesses like MLG and Machinima would go bankrupt unless game companies made specific exceptions through either contracting or the game’s Terms of Service.

UPDATE: For another point of view, check out an article by ThisIsMyNext right here. Nilay Patel, former of Engadget, says the bill will not affect the current or future video game videos that are being published.


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